Many law firm funding companies are extensions of brokers or other third-party investors. We are different in that we are set up as a balance sheet company. This means that we are not only the funders of your loan directly, but we also service the loan and act as an ongoing consultant to our clients in any matter that we can help them grow. It is only in our best interest to make sure our borrowers have all the resources necessary to execute their strategy and continue their success. Our mission is not just to be a source of capital but also an ongoing value-added relationship with the firms we partner with.

Our leadership understands the complexity of the legal process having expertise in Mass torts, International Arbitration, Patent Law, and Personal Injury cases.

Why Us?


Archetype’s culture and values come down to honesty, high ethical standards, and transparent communication. We govern ourselves and the relationships with our clients the same way we want to be treated by our partners. This is with simple, clear facts while maintaining an open stream of communication that is constructive to finding the value that benefits all parties.


Our team has extensive experience in Mass Tort litigation and PI actions. We perform all due diligence on financials and your docket in house. Our familiarity with the litigation process and extensive background dealing with complex cases allow us to value your portfolio properly to ensure you have access to the amount of capital needed to grow your practice.


We have designed Archetype so that we can accommodate our partners needs now and ongoing as they grow. The initial loan that is taken out turns into a line of credit. This is a huge advantage for our partner firms in that you have a lender who has an in-depth knowledge of your Law Practice and continues to strengthen that relationship as you need additional capital.

Additionally, we only charge interest on the amount you actually borrow and not the maximum amount of the line. We never charge pre-payment penalties, audit fees, draw fees or maintenance fees. We allow for flexible payment options with income-driven repayment, you only pay us when income is generated at your firm.


We look forward to being that trusted partner you have been looking for.