Archetype Capital Partners specializes in law firm financing. We provide capital to those firms looking to grow. Portfolio funding allows our partners to access a more significant amount of capital, diversify their risk, and be more advantageous in their case selection.

We think of ourselves as are not solely a source of capital as we are incentivized to create an environment that fosters our clients’ ongoing success. Therefore, our style is a consultative approach that identifies operational inefficiencies, provides benchmarking, and access to our network of marketers, lead generation experts, and ancillary support services that we partner with to provide one of the highest quality services in the industry.


  • Mass Tort
  • Class Action
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability
  • Single Event Personal Injury
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Anti-Trust
  • Patent
  • International Arbitration


As we all know, time is not on the attorney’s side when it comes to settlements. Some can take months and others drag out for years with delays and appeals. The question becomes, how do you proceed with these types of cases, grow your firms docket, hire new staff to take on the workload and still be able to litigate properly on behalf of your clients?
The Answer?

A capital provider that is no risk, has flexible payment terms, provides flexible fees, and understands what you are trying to build. Our non-recourse loans let our partners take advantage of our services while gaining access to the capital needed. Our income-driven repayments mean you don’t pay every month like a traditional loan but only when your practice brings in revenue. This allows our partner firms the ability to grow without the stress and uncertainty of executing on your strategy before capital runs out.

Archetype wants to become your permanent finance partner. No more shopping every 2-3 years for other financing options. Once your principal is paid down, your loan becomes a line of credit. With a relationship already established and Archetype having an intimate knowledge of your practice from the first engagement.


We look forward to being that trusted partner you have been looking for.